My Story

Instructor Jenkins-Bey’s career started in 1999 in the Baltimore Police Department (BPD). During his 11-year career with the BPD, he attained the rank of Police Sergeant specializing in Patrol Operations, Field Training Management, and Street/Defensive Tactics Instruction. In 2010, he left the BPD for the World Bank as a Security Operations Manager maintaining the physical security of multiple sites in Washington, DC area. Instructor Jenkins-Bey joined the District of Columbia Army National Guard (DC Guard) in 2011, as Combat Medic and Emergency Medical Technician. Shortly thereafter he was selected to become a full-time Hazardous Materials Technician and Chemical/Biological Weapons Specialist for the District of Columbia’s 33rd Civil Support Team-Weapons of Mass Destruction unit. Instructor Jenkins-Bey began his career as a Firearms Instructor becoming certified as an Instructor/Operator of the Firearms Training System for the DC Guard.

His love of firearms training led him to begin his career as a Military Competitive Marksman selected to represent the DC Guard at the Winston P. Wilson national military marksmanship competition. In 2015, Instructor Jenkins-Bey completed the District of Columbia/Maryland Officer Candidate School (OCS) and accepted a commission at the rank of Second Lieutenant into the Military Police Corps. Since that time, he has worked full time as Marksmanship Program Manager and Coordinator for the DC Guard. He has overseen and trained units as large as 500 personnel using the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST-II) Firearms System which led to increases marksmanship scores for individuals and units by 40% over previous scores. Instructor Jenkins-Bey has served as Tactical Training Exercise Evaluator (OC/T) for Army National Guard Bureau (Operations Group WOLF) responsible for assessing the leadership and management skills guiding other army officers in preparation for deployment to support combat operations in multiple theatres. He has commanded units as large as 150 Military Police Soldiers, Airmen, and Noncommissioned Officers responsible.

What's in it for you

Instructor Jenkins-Bey’s experiences have culminated to provide you with training methods that have been proven in both the military and law enforcement. His dedication to professionalism, skill at arms, and the improvement of his students makes ETM Defense and Solutions the clear choice for all your Personal Tactical Training needs. our USCCA Certified Firearms Instructors are ready to meet your firearms training needs!

What Our Students Have to Say

Malik is an excellent instructor. He took his time and made sure you understood all the issues you need to know when you have a carry permit in MD.
Yucel Ors
The class was very informative and I learned alot of what the instructors taught. When it was time to go on the gun range I was very confident in using what I was taught.
Jamal talbert
My husband and I were referred to ETM Defense and Solutions by a close family friend. We had a great 16 hour training with our trainer Malik. Malik has a lot of knoweldge and experience and I know that is what made us feel extremely comfortable. What I liked most about the class was first it didn't feel like 16 hours. Second we learned a lot about the safetly and precaustions that are needed to handle a firearm. And lastly was our comfort level. We felt so comfortable when we were at the range for the first time. Malik will explain everyting in a way that you will graspe and retain the information. Malik thank you for being a great instructor. We will always remember this class.
Carmen Williams
By far my favorite group of instructors, every member of the staff were knowledgeable and open to answering any questions. Instructor Malik make these course fun while keeping it very informative. I highly recommend ETM Defense & Solutions for all firearms training
Mike Gray