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Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Course

This HYBRID (in-person and online) course will cover the requirements to obtain the State of Maryland Wear and Carry Permit.

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals is a comprehensive course for anyone considering carrying a firearm for self-defense.


Maryland Basic Handgun (HQL)

All Maryland Residents are required by law to possess a Handgun Qualification License in order to purchase or transfer a Regulated Firearm.

This is a basic safety class covers handgun operations, mechanics, and ends with live-fire.

Buy this class and get one 50% off!!!

Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals

This welcoming and engaging training has multiple layers of instruction featuring Three distinct levels of training.

This course is designed to reach ladies of all levels of firearms skills, experiences and mindset. This course is for Ladies ONLY!

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

DSF Level 1 provides students the ability to be best prepared to defend themselves. Instructors challenge the students to move beyond basic and intermediate marksmanship. Students leave knowing what it takes to survive a Dynamic Critical Incident.

Private 1-On-1 Firearms Lesson

Our Instructors will conduct a needs-based analysis of your current skills, resources, and firearms training goals to develop a CUSTOM BUILT training plan that exceeds the industry standards.

The initial Consultation is FREE!!!


ETM will reward you with a discount of up to 99% off of a WOMEN’S DEFENSE & HANDGUN FUNDAMENTALS or CONCEALED CARRY & HOME DEFENSE FUNDAMENTALS course if you refer your friends to that course. You read that right! Gather 5 of your friends and get 50% off of your seat, or refer 10 people and get 99% off your seat !!!


We are launching our Loyalty Rewards Program for all former Students. From until the end of the month, ETM will reward you with a discount of up to 35% off of your next training class or course if you refer your friends to our MD Basic Handgun (HQL). You read that right! Refer 1 person and get 10% off. Refer 2 people and get 20% off, or Refer 3 person and get 35% off!!!

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Reviews From Our Happy Student

Perry Johnson Jr 25/08/2022

Phenomenal Class
''Instructor well knowledgeable on all aspects of gun safety, techniques and laws''.

Yucel Ors 25/08/2022

Excellent instructor!
"Malik is an excellent instructor. He took his time and made sure you understood all the issues you need to know when you have a carry permit in MD..."

M C. 8/09/2022

Great experience
"Great experience. I appreciate the one on one training. I found the discussion of Maryland law to be the most helpful. Instructor was very knowledgeable. . "

Kristin Blount 15/08/2022

''Excellent!! Many take-aways from this training. I would definitely recommend ETM Defense to my family and friends.f''.

Tiffany Bass 01/09/2022

Very professional
"Very professional. Worked with my schedule an made the experience extra special.. I had never been to a gun range Malik gave me the tools I needed to successfully complete the class .."

Brandon Macon 25/08/2022

Clear and concise class!
''The class was great!!! The instruction was clear and concise. The instructor was down to earth and very relatable. I would suggest anyone interested in W&C to take this awesome class''.

Kimberly G. 15/08/2022

I learned alot
"The class was very informative and I learned alot of what the instructors taught. When it was time to go on the gun range I was very confident in using what I was taught."

Nigel Rucker 15/08/2022

Class was fun
''Class was fun and informative all the instructors have detailed knowledge and stories to have you more comfortable and confident around guns. I would definitely recommend any of their classes''

Cyrus Green 25/08/2022

Keeps it real!
''My instructor kept it real about the realities of MD conceal carry. I learned so much about self defense and MD law. I encourage everyone to prepare themselves for the journey of protecting themselves and their loved ones by taking this course''.

Shirley George 15/06/2022

So informative!!
"a month ago I attended classes at ETM defense and solutions and it was so informative. I gained much knowledge on many things on many levels other than just guns I would recommend this class for everyone I am spreading the word in hopefully they will have a successful venture with this with these classes""

Thomas cuff 15/08/2022

New experience!
''It was an experience and learning 16hr on laws,rules and proper term with hand guns.Mr.M Jenkins Bey and his staff was great at teaching and helping the class learn new experience with pistols and the proper way to use them.u all where the best.thank u and ur instructors.I hope to learn more at a later date.Thomas Cuff''.

Carmen Williams 15/09/2021

Knowleldge & Experience!
''My husband and I were referred to ETM Defense and Solutions by a close family friend. We had a great 16 hour training with our trainer Malik. Malik has a lot of knoweldge and experience and I know that is what made us feel extremely comfortable. What I liked most about the class was first it didn't feel like 16 hours. Second we learned a lot about the safetly and precaustions that are needed to handle a firearm. And lastly was our comfort level. We felt so comfortable when we were at the range for the first time. Malik will explain everyting in a way that you will graspe and retain the information. Malik thank you for being a great instructor. We will always remember this class.''.